Case Studies

  • Black Farmers Discrimination Settlement

    Tens of thousands of Black farmers allegedly suffered systematic discrimination at the hands of the United States Department of Agriculture between 1981 and 1996. During that period and as part of the discrimination, the USGA allegedly denied black farmers loans, subsidies and other benefits provided to white farmers.

    Over the past several years, Greg Francis served as lead counsel for the team of lawyers that reached a $1.25 billion settlement with the USDA on behalf of black farmers from around the country. This marks the largest civil rights settlement in U.S. history.

  • Volusia County Malpractice

    A former realtor in Volusia County injured her right eye on her car antenna which required a visit to the emergency room. While in the emergency room, physicians failed to timely evaluate her and treat her, resulting in loss of eyesight. After five years of litigation, the jury awarded her a significant settlement.

  • Tobacco Related Illness Compensation

    More than 24,000 victims of smoking-related illnesses were compensated for deception by Tobacco companies leading to death or serious injury to them or their loved ones.

  • Unauthorized Fatal Pursuit

    Without a complete description and prior to obtaining identification information, a local police enforcement agency made a traffic stop of what they believed to be a “murder suspect." After an unauthorized high speed chase, they shot and killed the misidentified, unarmed victim. After complex litigation, the case resolved for a confidential settlement.

  • Infant Misdiagnosis Settlement

    In 2006, a baby was born with a coronal cranial synostosis that required surgical intervention. The young patient was admitted to a local hospital to have the surgery performed and post operatively suffered bleeding in the brain that went undiagnosed for 12 hours. As a result, the baby suffered severe ischemic/hypoxic brain damage rendering her blind, deaf and unable to develop as a normal child. A significant confidential settlement was reached.

  • Wrongful Death - Medical Malpractice

    A pregnant mother with a history of prior cesarean section delivery and mitral valve prolapse was nearing her delivery date. During this second pregnancy, the patient was admitted to the hospital with hypertension and preeclampsia. Despite her elevated blood pressure, the physician caring for her ignored her wishes and previous medical history by attempting a vaginal delivery. The patient died as a result of the negligence. A confidential settlement was reached.